A Founder’s Guide to Term Sheets

Learn how about term sheet structure, right-sizing your funding, and what makes a term sheet founder friendly

As startups continue to get funded at a record pace, deals can often be paired with complex terms and confusing structure. We want founders to be empowered at the negotiating table: You should know how to distinguish a founder-friendly term sheet from one that, well, isn’t.

In this recorded webinar, Elsewhere Partners VPs Sloane Child and Nick Stoffregen will walk through what to look out for and how to advocate for terms that serve both you and your investors during negotiations. They’ll discuss:

  • Term sheet structure and how that can impact founders
  • How to think about the “right-sized raise at the right time”

Watch A Founder’s Guide to Term Sheets for thoughtful insights from Elsewhere Investment professionals on best practice in identifying founder friendly term sheets.

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