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Announcing the Acquisition of Airbrake

Elsewhere Partners is excited to announce the acquisition of Airbrake, a developer-centric application error and performance monitoring company, by LogicMonitor, a leading cloud-based infrastructure monitoring and observability platform backed by Vista Equity Partners.

Elsewhere completed an $11 million Series A investment in Airbrake in 2020. In addition to providing capital, Elsewhere brought in four Operating Advisors to the Airbrake management team:

The management team quickly executed on its revamped go-to-market strategy for the business by building out the natural, product-led sales motion. The team successfully added key features like Airbrake Performance Monitoring (APM), on-demand errors, and dark mode to better serve its developer customer base. Hundreds of engineering teams at enterprises including Ring, Adobe, SoundCloud and MyFitnessPal use Airbrake today.

Airbrake and LogicMonitor entered into discussions in early 2021, and determined that Airbrake was a natural complement to LogicMonitor's award-winning ITIM platform. The Airbrake product will extend LogicMonitor into developer environments and enable customers to gain visibility into continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) workflows while reducing risk to ensure that every code release delivers a flawless customer experience.

Please read more about the acquisition here (press release).

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