You’re more than just another software company. We’re more than just another investment firm.

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A fresh approach to software investing

If you’re anything like us, you value pragmatic growth and don’t take a “billion or bust” view of business success. We back early-stage scaleup software companies, providing a unique mix of thoughtful capital, subject matter expertise, and an incredible network of seasoned operators. Let’s take your business to the next level together.

What makes us different

Every company is unique. There are no playbooks here. We take a hands-on, tailored approach to ensure the success of each portfolio company.

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We support the transition from scrappy startup to valuable enterprise. We offer flexible investments with clean terms to ensure alignment with management.

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Elsewhere Outliers excel at developing best-in-class products and customer relationships. We provide pretty much everything else, including support across go-to-market, talent, finance, and strategy.

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Trusted Relationships

The financial sponsor ecosystem has grown significantly. We maximize value at exit by maintaining deep relationships with upmarket sponsors.

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Beyond our experienced in-house team, our network is our biggest differentiator. We have built a large community of seasoned executives and operators who help make things happen. We hand-pick and curate the right mix of advisors for your specific needs and growth stage.

Meet Our People
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The Elsewhere Effect in Action

Founders partner with Elsewhere because of our pragmatic approach to growth. They value our ability to support their businesses through transitional capital and transformational expertise.

“Partnering with Elsewhere as an operating advisor has given me a unique vantage point to see lots of different opportunities across the software landscape. It’s also enabled me to grow both personally and professionally. I’d have to say it’s been a really great partnership.” Rita Selvaggi Former CEO of ActivTrak & Current Elsewhere Operating Partner
“Elsewhere has been the right capital for this size and stage company. They get it that you’re in your “starter home” and they can’t layer on all things that you might want as an investor that you’ll want later in the growth equity stage. I’ve enjoyed working with them enough that even though they exited Relatient I joined on as a board member for BurstIQ.” Michele Perry Former CEO of Relatient & Current Elsewhere Operating Partner
“Elsewhere Partners shares our vision of enabling a people-centric future for healthcare, and we are proud to have them as an investment partner. Their partnership will allow us to grow exponentially, both in the U.S. and globally.” Frank Ricotta CEO of BurstIQ
“Our clients are moving critical workloads into multi-cloud environments and require enterprise-grade solutions reinforced by ongoing R&D and clear product evolution. The team at Elsewhere Partners understands this demanding pace and provides invaluable expertise.” Manny Quevedo CEO of OpsCompass
“Elsewhere Partners understands the physics of business – and they don’t try to unnaturally defy those physics. They get the importance of timing and sequencing for scale, which enables them to be pragmatic and smart about pursuing growth strategies based on where our company is and where our market is. That eliminates a lot of wasted time and effort, and produces better outcomes for everyone.” Alfredo Ramirez Co-founder & CEO of Vyopta
“We are thrilled that Elsewhere Partners shares our vision and are beyond excited to work with the Operating Advisors. The collective talent and wisdom they bring to the table is astounding and it will be invaluable to us as we embark on the next phase of our journey.” Ian Bresnahan President and CEO of Itential