Webinar: How to Beat the Global Technical Talent Shortage

There was once a long-standing belief that the most productive and successful employees were the ones who were in the office first and left last. There was also a seemingly unspoken rule that a tough commute was a requirement for the best paying jobs; after all, you have to live where the jobs are.

But the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way employees think about work. This, in turn, inspired “The Great Resignation.” In today’s work-from-anywhere world, employees recognize compromises don’t need to be made when it comes to finding the proverbial work-life balance.

Talent Acquisition and Retention in the Tech World

An unintended consequence of so many employees rethinking their approach to where and how they work has fed into an already significant talent shortage. 54% of companies worldwide report talent shortages, and talent shortages in the U.S. have more than tripled in the last ten years. Additionally, based on survey findings from ManpowerGroup, 69% of employers report they are struggling to fill positions.

The global talent shortage seems even more pronounced when searching for top technical talent; many organizations seem to be hiring for the same resources.

So how can organizations today attract and retain top technical talent? By leveraging outsourcing partners.

Join industry expert and Elsewhere CTO Josh Stephens as we host a 60-minute panel-style webinar on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 featuring Alex Chubay, CTO of SoftServe, Matt Finlayson, SVP of Engineering at ActivTrak, and Mecca Robbins, People Operations Leader at Trissential, to gain insights into ways to fine tune your talent acquisition strategies for top technical resources during a worldwide talent shortage and The Great Resignation.

The webinar will address the four elements of effectively beating the global technical talent shortage today. These include: Discussing the current talent landscape and how it’s different; recruiting during a talent shortage; retention during the Great Resignation; and the benefits of leveraging outsource partners.

Attendees to this webinar will learn:

  • Tips to create and implement a more effective approach to recruiting in today’s ultra-competitive hiring market
  • How to limit attrition during “The Great Resignation”
  • How to effectively leverage outsourcing partners to add diversity and scale to your teams

If you’re planning to hire, or currently facing hiring challenges, this webinar is for you.

Join us.

Webinar Panelists

Alex Chubay is the Chief Technology Officer of SoftServe. He leads technology strategy and is responsible for advancing SoftServe’s capabilities to meet current and future market needs.

Alex joined SoftServe in 2001 and has more than two decades of engineering and business leadership, with a solid track record of transformational experiences combining innovation, technology, and leadership into winning solutions. Alex held numerous leadership positions within SoftServe, including SVP Client Success, VP Consulting, VP Delivery, and Software Development Office Director. He has been at the forefront of business development and services delivery for strategic accounts in multiple global geographies, consistently driving business growth and delivering positive business impact to his clients.

Matt Finlayson is the SVP of Engineering at ActivTrak. He is an engineering leader focused on growing teams and technology in startups experiencing high growth. Matt has his Masters in Computer Science from Clarkson University and has worked at Fortune 50 companies and early-stage startups. He has a personal background in Java and Mobile development, cloud transformations, and chopping up monoliths.

Mecca Robbins is the People Operations Leader at Trissential, an Expleo Company. In this role, she oversees Talent Acquisition, People Services, and Operations. Mecca's professional mission is to value and respect people, clearing hurdles so that they can focus on doing what matters. She sees herself as a combination of coach, cheerleader and accountability (business) partner, with a passion for developing programs that are relevant to the employees that she and her teams serve. Mecca has more than 20 years of experience as a people services leader within high-tech consulting companies spanning all surfaces of human capital strategy and development. A wife, mom of five, and a leader in her community, Mecca is also the executive partner of Becka's House, a home for women with disabilities.

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