The People Behind Elsewhere

Elsewhere Partners offers knowledge, experience, and vision to achieve a successful outcome for all stakeholders

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Working with Elsewhere Partners means really experienced investors and really experienced operators playing the roles they play best.

Investors provide financial guidance and pattern matching while operators serve as full-time executives, board representatives, or formal advisors - delivering on-demand support when and where it's needed.

Collectively, we have the knowledge, experience, and vision to help you achieve a successful outcome for all stakeholders. And we have a network of C-level veterans who have built their careers building software companies who can help take your software business wherever it needs to go next.

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Meet the Elsewhere Operating Advisors

Our Operating Advisors are at the core of how we are different as a firm. These C-level veterans have built their careers building software companies, and generally serve as our board representatives, advisors or full-time executives depending on the needs of the business. They are Elsewhere's secret weapon, and many have developed small (but growing) fan clubs.

Alex Davern

  • Former CEO of National Instruments (previously COO/CFO)

Andrew Kahl

  • CEO of BackBox
  • Former Chief Customer Officer of SailPoint
  • Co-Founder of CREDANT Technologies (now Dell)

April Downing

  • Former CFO at Khoros
  • Former COO at Civitas
  • Former CFO at WP Engine

Bill Bock

  • Chairman of SailPoint Technologies
  • Former President of Silicon Labs
  • Board Member, TaskTop

Cam McMartin

  • CFO of SailPoint Technologies
  • Former SVP of Operations for Dazel Corporation

Damion Heredia

  • Senior Director of Google Play
  • Former Head of Google Cloud ML
  • Former VP of IBM Watson AI

Dan Schoenbaum

  • GTM Advisor and VP Business Development at ActivTrak
  • Former COO of RiskIQ
  • Former CEO of Cooladata and Redbooth
  • Former Chairman M&A of Compuware

Denny LeCompte

  • CEO of Portnox
  • Former SVP, Product at SolarWinds
  • Former SVP, Product at AlienVault

Eric Anderson

  • CTO of
  • Former Co-Founder & CTO StackEngine (now Oracle)
  • Former Co-Founder & CTO CopperEgg (now IDERA)

Heather Zynczak

  • CMO of Pluralsight
  • Former CMO of Domo

Heidi Farris

  • CEO at ActivTrak
  • Former COO at ActivTrak
  • Former EVP and GM at IDERA Software

Josh Stephens

  • Chief Strategy Officer, BackBox
  • Former Chief Strategy Officer, Itential & IDERA
  • Former VP of Product, Community Leader, & Head Geek, SolarWinds

Kenny Van Zant

  • Former Head of Business for Asana
  • Former Chief Product Strategist for SolarWinds
  • Board Member for Itential

Kevin Cunningham

  • Former Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SailPoint Technologies
  • Former Founder of Waveset (now Sun Microsystems)

Marc Spier

  • Former President and CEO for Budgeta (now Sage)
  • Former Head of Go-to-Market and Product Operations for go90 (now Verizon Media)

Marie-Laure Carvalho

  • CMO at Portnox
  • Former VP, Marketing Technology at SolarWinds
  • Former Senior Director of Demand Gen & Growth at Lifesize

Mark Beavers

  • Former AVP of Business Technology at Alienvault (now AT&T Cybersecurity)
  • Former Director of Marketing and Analytics at SolarWinds

Mark McClain

  • CEO and Founder of SailPoint Technologies
  • Founder and former President of Waveset Technologies (now Sun Microsystems)
  • Board Member for Vyopta

Mike Bennett

  • Chairman of ActivTrak
  • Former CEO and Chairman of SolarWinds
  • Former Chairman of IDERA Software, Executive Chairman

Pradeep Ittycheria

  • CTO of Kasasa
  • Former CTO & Co-Founder Virtual Piggy
  • Former VP of Development and IT at Emerson

Ramon Chen

  • CPO at ActivTrak
  • Former CMO and CPO at Reltio

Randy Jacops

  • Current CEO and former COO of Idera Software

Rusty Stein

  • Former President, Beneplace
  • Former COO, Patton Medical Devices
  • Former VP, LGI Financial Solutions

Said Aziz

  • COO of Portnox
  • Former VP of Corporate Development and Business Operations at SolarWinds

Sanjay Castelino

  • Chief Product Officer of Snow Software
  • Former VP, Spiceworks
  • Former VP, SolarWinds

Shelley Perry

  • Executive Chair of
  • Board Director of Chargebee
  • Former CEO of Bynder
  • Former Operating Partner at Insight Venture Partners

Tanya White

  • CMO at BackBox
  • Former VP of Marketing at CPA Global
  • Former VP of Marketing at Innography
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