There’s the Valley.
And Then There's
Everywhere Else.

After nearly three decades of investing in emerging software companies, we realized that the needs of “Big VC” weren’t aligning with the needs of the most interesting companies. So we decided to start from scratch to serve a burgeoning movement we call Elsewhere Nation.

Elsewhere Partners backs The Outliers: companies who have achieved a lot with a little and are located outside major venture capital hubs.

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Meet The Elsewhere Outlier.

We seek the truly exceptional: software companies that have succeeded by delighting customers rather than raising venture capital. While these companies have the potential to create profound value, they are not well served by a Big VC “billion or bust” mentality.

The typical Outlier has:

  1. Headquarters outside major venture capital hubs
  2. A distinctive product offering in either IT infrastructure or vertical market applications
  3. At least 40% revenue growth
  4. Profitability or modest operating losses
  5. Less than $10m in prior investment
  6. An inspiring team building a customer-centric culture

Welcome to Elsewhere Nation.

The Elsewhere Promise.

Not every company fits our model. But we will never try to convince a company’s leadership to change theirs to fit ours. We believe in aligning interests and that we shouldn’t be partners if we can’t agree on our goals for the company before we invest.

Elsewhere Partners understands the physics of business – and they don’t try to unnaturally defy those physics. They get the importance of timing and sequencing for scale, which enables them to be pragmatic and smart about pursuing growth strategies based on where our company is and where our market is. That eliminates a lot of wasted time and effort, and produces better outcomes for everyone.""
— Alfredo Ramirez,
Co-founder & CEO of Vyopta

Give luck
a chance.

We are thrilled that Elsewhere Partners shares our vision and are beyond excited to work with the Operating Advisors. The collective talent and wisdom they bring to the table is astounding and it will be invaluable to us as we embark on the next phase of our journey."
— Ian Bresnahan,
President and CEO of Itential